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Causes Of Increased Methanol Content In Formaldehyde Products

Apr 26, 2019

As a Hydrogen Peroxide Manufacturing Plant, let's talk about the causes of the increase in methanol content in formaldehyde products and how to treat them.

Main reason for the increase in methanol content

1. The reaction temperature is low and the catalyst activation temperature is not reached.

2. The ratio of oxygen to alcohol and the concentration of ingredients are low.

3. The raw material methanol is of poor quality and the conversion rate is low.

4. The air is polluted by harmful gases such as sulfur, the steam is rusted, and the catalyst is inactive.

Hydrogen Peroxide Technology


1. Increase the oxygen temperature.

2. Adjust the oxygen to alcohol ratio and the concentration of the match ingredients.

3. Replace high-quality methanol, control methanol potassium permanganate test for more than 50min, and clarify the aqueous solution.

4. Inject the air intake port to the upper air outlet, clean the surrounding harmful substances, and replace the air, steam and mixture filter to ensure the cleanliness of the mixture.

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