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How To Deal With The Sudden Increase In The Resistance Of The Silver Formaldehyde Production System?

May 05, 2019

As a Hydrogen Peroxide Production Plant, let's analyze the reasons for the sudden increase in the resistance of the silver formaldehyde production system and how to deal with it.

The main reasons for the sudden increase in resistance to formaldehyde production systems are:

1. The catalyst undergoes an over-temperature point to dissolve silver and melt, or the use time is too long, and the catalyst resistance increases;

2. The mixing filter is too dirty;

3. During the production operation, the liquid level of the evaporator and absorption tower is too high;

4. Oxidizer tube carbon deposit, formaldehyde polymer blockage

Hydrogen Peroxide Production Methods


First, we must measure the resistance of each device piece by piece, find the main part of the resistance increase, and then take measures separately. If the resistance caused by the operation rises, the evaporator and absorption tower liquid level should be strictly controlled, and the outlet temperature of the oxidizer should be controlled to form formaldehyde polymerization.

If the catalyst layer resistance increases, or the mixing filter resistance increases, it can only be stopped for cleaning, and the filter element and catalyst are replaced.

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