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What are the Reasons for the Decline in the Concentration of Finished Silver Formaldehyde?

Aug 14, 2019

Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Supplier believes that the main reasons for the decrease in formaldehyde concentration are:

1. Add too much water to the top of the absorption tower;

2. The amount of steam in the ingredients is too much;

3. Excessive amount of diphenyl formaldehyde produced by the two towers;

4. The reaction temperature is too low;

5. The catalyst conversion rate is reduced;

6. Oxidizer waste heat boiler tube leakage;

7. The circulating fluid cooler leaks.

Silver Catalyzed Formaldehyde Plant

Silver Catalyzed Formaldehyde Plant

The formaldehyde concentration was found to decrease in the Formaldehyde Production Process, first reducing the amount of water added to the top of the tower. Immediately afterwards, the reason was found, and the process parameters such as the amount of water added to the top of the tower, the amount of steam of the ingredients, the reaction temperature, and the like were adjusted in time, and some oxygen temperatures were raised to observe the conversion rate. If you still don't get better, just stop for further inspection or replace the catalyst.

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