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What is the Application of Titanium Dioxide in the Industrial Field?

Jan. 20, 2021

Titanium dioxide can be extracted by acid decomposition of rutile or obtained by decomposition of titanium tetrachloride. Titanium dioxide has stable properties and is used in large quantities as a white pigment in paint. It has good hiding power and is similar to lead white, but does not turn black like lead white; it has the same durability as zinc white. Titanium dioxide is also used as a matting agent for enamel, which can produce a very bright, hard and acid-resistant enamel glaze.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

Application field

Industrial application

Titanium dioxide is an important white pigment and porcelain glaze. Used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber, watercolor paint and other industries.


Titanium dioxide is the whitest thing in the world. 1 gram of titanium dioxide can paint an area of more than 450 square centimeters white. It is 5 times whiter than the commonly used white pigment-Lithopone, so it is the best pigment for white paint. Titanium dioxide used as a pigment in the world can reach hundreds of thousands of tons a year. Titanium dioxide can be added to paper to make the paper white and opaque. The effect is 10 times greater than other materials. Therefore, it is necessary to add titanium dioxide to banknote paper and art paper.

In order to lighten the color of plastic and soften the luster of rayon, titanium dioxide is sometimes added.

In the rubber industry, titanium dioxide is also used as a filler for white rubber.

The photochemical properties of semiconductor titanium dioxide have made it useful in many fields, such as the purification of air, water and fluids. Photocatalysts doped with carbon or other heteroatoms can also be used in sealed spaces or areas with scattering light sources. When used in coatings on buildings, pedestrian slabs, concrete walls or roof tiles, they can significantly increase the decomposition of air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, aromatics and aldehydes.

In addition, it is widely used in the production of sunscreen, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Ultrafine titanium dioxide has excellent UV light shielding and transparency. It is widely used in cosmetics, wood protection, food packaging plastics, durable household films, man-made fibers and natural fibers, and transparent coatings. The special optical effect in metallic flash coating makes it pay attention to and applied in high-end car paint.

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