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Considerations for Delay Condensation in Design and Operation

Aug 23, 2019

As a UF Technology Supplier, let's talk about the issues that need to be addressed in design and operation.

The phenolic resin industry wastewater must reach the third-level discharge or the first-level discharge, and must pass the biochemical system to meet the requirements. In order to ensure the stable operation of the biochemical system, the wastewater before entering the biochemical system needs to be pretreated by physicochemical treatment. The delayed condensation method for wastewater with small water volume (20 tons of wastewater/day or less) is an effective pretreatment method. Delayed condensation mainly refers to adjusting the proportion of phenolic according to the proportion of phenolic in the wastewater and the type of phenol. Under the condition of sulfuric acid or oxalic acid catalysis, the phenolic is condensed in two steps at a certain temperature, and the wastewater is condensed. The phenol content is controlled below 1000 mg/L, and the COD is not higher than 20000 mg/L, thereby achieving effective control of phenol content and effective removal of wastewater COD.

Hydrogen Peroxide Production Methods

Hydrogen Peroxide Production Methods

Since the delay shrinkage relies on the operator's proficiency and condensation experience to ensure efficient condensation, the following issues need to be addressed during the design and operation:

1. Design processing time is generally 48 hours, intermittent treatment, fully guarantee the reaction and insulation rest time;

2. According to the proportion of raw water phenolic, fine-tuning the amount of formaldehyde replenishment can be optimized by replenishing formaldehyde and discharging resin.

3. The bottom of the reactor bottom discharge valve is opened as much as possible, and is equipped with heat insulation to prevent the pipe from being blocked when the resin is discharged after condensation;

4. The operator inspects during the condensation process to observe the heating temperature control and the presence or absence of formaldehyde gas escape;

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