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Extended Driving Cycle of Formaldehyde Production

Aug 07, 2019

In the process of formaldehyde production, in order to be safer, more efficient, less expensive, and extend the driving cycle. Hydrogen Peroxide Manufacturing Plant summed up a few cautions.

1. Do all the preparatory work before driving, and check the maintenance of water, electricity, steam and equipment;

2. It is necessary to turn off the good raw materials, unqualified methanol does not unload the goods, and avoid direct poisoning of the catalyst;

3. Air filtration should be thorough, change the air filter bag frequently, and regularly check and replace the ternary high-efficiency filter;

4. Circulating water and steam drum water should be treated with reverse osmosis to prevent impurities from entering the catalyst chamber, resulting in increased system resistance;

Formaldehyde Equipment

Formaldehyde Equipment

5. Strictly control the process parameters, adjust the aerobic ratio and the concentration of the ingredients. When the alcohol content is 0.5% and the acid content is 0.006% or less, the oxygen temperature is controlled at about 625 °C;

6. When emergency stop is caused by power failure, it is necessary to change the call and return to the vehicle;

7. If the catalyst is too poisoned or the resistance is too large, 10 kg of catalyst can be extracted per square, and then 6 to 8 kg of new catalyst can be replenished per square;

8. When the ignition is started, the aerobic ratio should be controlled, and the temperature increase should be increased steadily. Do not overheat;

9. Do routine maintenance, routine inspections, and find problems in a timely manner;

To do the above, we usually have a driving cycle of three to four months, and a cycle of 37% formaldehyde consumption is 440 kg.

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