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Dec 07, 2017

Our distillation technology include all the necessarily technology methods, which ranges from simple Experimental Instrument to the high precision equipment for laboratories. The most important condition for distillation is that the individual components have different boiling points. For example, in fractional distillation, the original mixture is gradually heated to the boiling point of each component and then charged to a different container. The application of distillation technology can be found in every part of life, for example by distilling crude oil to obtain gasoline or by distilling seawater to obtain potable water. The most common use of distillation technology is the production of alcohol. Here, distillation is used to obtain pure ethanol from wine with a maximum alcohol content of 15%.

Our Examples in Chemical Distillation Design

SL Tech provides complete package solutions for chemical Distillation Technology/Distillation Plant/Distillation Design. Chemical distillation plant is our core products.Many of our experienced engineers get involved in the distillation plant/distillation design.The process list of the distillation technology would be provided for you. If you have any questions about the distillation plant, welcome to contact us for the best solutions.

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