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Do You Know Dioxolane

Sep. 15, 2017

Dioxolane plant plays an important role on chemical industry. But it is harmful itself. It is unavoidable to get hurt when doing chemical research, for example, dioxolane technology. Do you know how to do when you touch dioxolane?

Health Hazards of Dioxolane

Invasive routes: inhalation, ingestion, percutaneous absorption.

Health hazards: This product is narcotic. Its steam has a stimulating effect.

Dioxolane Plant

Emergency handling method is blow:

Leakage Emergency Treatment

Move from the leakage population areas to a safe area and isolation. Cut off the fire seat. It is recommended that emergency personnel wear self positive pressure respirator and wear protective clothing. As far as possible to cut off the source of leakage, prevent it access to sewers, flood channel limited space. Small amount of leakage: sand, dry lime or soda grey mixed. Also can rinse with plenty of water, wash water diluted into the wastewater system. Large amount of leakage, construct a barrierpit to contain; covered with foam, reduce disasters. Steam explosion proof pump transferred to tankexclusive collector, recycling or shipped to the waste disposal sites.

Protective Measures

Respiratory protection: wear a self - priming filter mask (half mask) when you may touch the vapors.

Eye protection: wear chemical safety goggles.

Body protection: wear anti-static work clothes.

Hand protection: wear rubber gloves.

Other: no smoking at work site. After work, take a shower and change clothes. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

First Aid Measures

Skin contact: remove contaminated clothing and rinse the skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Eye contact: lift eyelids and rinse with running water or saline. See the doctor.

Inhalation: remove to the open areas with fresh air and maintain airway patency. Uptake oxygen if breathing is difficult. Artificial respiration immediately if breathing stopped and sent to hospital.

Ingestion: drink plenty of warm water, urge vomiting and see a doctor.

Fire extinguishing method: Move the containers from fire to open spaces place as far as possible. Cool down fire container, until the fire is put out. Evacuate immediately once the containers in the fire scene have discoloration or generate sound from the safety relief devices. Fire extinguishing agents should be anti insoluble foam extinguisher, dry powder extinguisher, carbon dioxide extinguisher or sand. It is invalid to put out the fire with water.

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