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Fusel Oil Separation Technology and Application

Sep. 11, 2017

Fusel oil is a by-product of alcohol fermentation process and an important fine chemical raw material. The reason of fusel oil formation: yeast, fermentation temperature, proliferation of bakelite. Isoamyl separated from fusel oil is a chemical product in short apply, which is mainly used for consumer products, spices, food, flavor, paint, medicine and other industries. The fusel oil is yellow or brown transparent liquid, with special strong irritating smell. It plays a certain function of producing fragrance, so it is one of the aromatic components of wine. The wine flavor depends on the content of fusel oil and the proportion of various alcohols. Excess fusel oil may lead to bitter flavor, which is a harmful ingredient.So the fusel oil separation technology is more and more important. Compound lipid with fusel oil: fusel oil were pretreated by physical and chemical methodsby, separating the constituents of fusel oil filler effectively. Isoamyl acetate, isoamyl isovalerate and other high value lipid spices are developed successfully from fusel oil with the new technology of catalytic oxidation, esterification .

Fusel Oil Separation Technology

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