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Is Ethyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate the Same?

Sep. 09, 2017

Ethyl acetate and ethyl acetate are the same, detail as follows:

1. Ethyl acetate is a colorless and volatile transparent liquid with fruit fragrance, which is sensitive to air.It can absorb moisture, then decomposition slowly and acidic reaction. It can be used both as textile industry cleaning agents and natural spices extractant. Moreover, it is the important raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry and organic synthesis.

2. Ethyl acetate, also known as ethyl acetate, beet sugar residue, chemical formula C4H8O2.

This product is an important organic chemical raw materials, can be used to manufacture acetamide, acetoacetate, methylheptenone and so on. And in the fragrance of fragrance, paint, medicine, advanced ink, fire glue cotton, nitrocellulose, dyes and other industries, it has widely application. There is a large amount of synthetic flavor in the use of synthetic spices, a large number for the deployment of bananas, pears, peaches, pineapples, grapes and other fragrant edible flavor. It can also be used as extractant and dehydrating agent can also be used for food packaging color printing wait. Tannin series of products are used in desulfurization tannery, cigarette materials, oil drilling, metal flotation, cleaning and so on.



As an industrial solvent, it is used in coatings, adhesives, ethyl cellulose, artificial leather, linoleum colorants, man-made fibers and other products;

As a binder for the printing of ink, it is used to the production of artificial pearls. As an extract agent for the production of pharmaceuticals, organic acids and other products;

As a spice raw material for pineapple, it is used to banana, strawberry and other fruit flavors and whiskey, cream and other spices of the main raw materials.

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