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Hydrogen Peroxide process introduction

Nov 27, 2019

The hydrogen peroxide process technology includes a fixed bed process and a fluidized bed process. It is in a leading position in the country, with low production consumption, high product quality, high cost-effective investment, and high safety and reliability. Huitong Company can carry out technology transfer and engineering contracting of hydrogen peroxide production equipment according to customer needs.

Chemical properties


2. Reducibility is oxidized with strong oxidants such as chlorine and potassium permanganate to generate oxygen.

3. In 10 mL of 10% sample solution, add 5 mL of dilute sulfuric acid test solution (TS-241) and 1 mL of potassium permanganate test solution (TS-193). There should be bubbles, and the reddish color of potassium permanganate disappeared. Acidic to litmus. Explosive in case of organic matter.

4. Take 1g of sample (accurate to 0.1mg) and dilute to 250.0mL with water. Take 25mL of this solution, add 10mL of dilute sulfuric acid test solution (TS-241), and titrate with 0.1mol / L potassium permanganate. 0.1mol / L per milliliter. Potassium permanganate is equivalent to 1.70 mg of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). [2]

5. In the presence of organic matter, heat releases oxygen and water, and reacts violently with chromic acid, potassium permanganate, metal and carbonic acid. In order to prevent decomposition, trace amounts of stabilizers such as sodium stannate, sodium pyrophosphate, etc. can be added.

6. Hydrogen peroxide is a very weak acid: H2O2 = (reversible) = H ++ HO2- (Ka = 2.4 × 10-12). Therefore a metal peroxide can be regarded as its salt. Zh

7. Pure hydrogen peroxide is very unstable. When heated to 153 ° C, it will violently decompose into water and oxygen.

Features of Fixed Bed Hydrogen Peroxide Processes:

Fixed bed hydrogen peroxide processes. The hydrogenation system uses the latest generation of high-efficiency palladium catalysts in China. The layout is reasonable. The internal components are optimized to reduce bias and ditch flow. It has the characteristics of high hydrogenation efficiency and long catalyst life. It is of great significance to ensure the stability of normal production. .

The oxidation system optimizes the oxidation tower, the distribution design is reasonable, and the oxidation yield is high. Complete oxidation at high hydrogenation efficiency is achieved. According to the requirements of users and national environmental protection requirements, oxidation tail gas treatment can use expansion refrigeration and carbon fiber recovery aromatics technology, and the unit consumption of heavy aromatics is low.

Extraction uses agglomeration methods to further improve product quality.

Optimize the processing method of working fluid to make production safer and easier to operate.

Fluidized Bed Hydrogen Peroxide Processes

Fluidized Bed Hydrogen Peroxide Processes

Fluidized Bed Hydrogen Peroxide Processes production process features:

(1) Adopt high-efficiency fluidized bed special palladium catalyst and low-pressure oxidation technology to achieve high hydrogenation efficiency and low power;

(2) Adopting a new type of working fluid composition to obtain greater anthraquinone solubility, higher degree of hydrogenation and oxidation yield, and improved the partition coefficient of extraction.

(3) Adopting high-efficiency extraction tower, the hydrogen peroxide content of the extract can reach 38-40%, and the product quality is excellent.

(4) The working fluid is processed by vacuum dehydration and drying. The process is greatly simplified, the product quality is higher, and the acid-base neutralized inorganic salt is not included, which makes production safer.

(5) The fluidized bed has obvious technical advantages and advanced nature, and safety production, unit consumption of materials, energy consumption, product quality, equipment, and production efficiency are all better than the current domestic technology level. The product can directly meet the special requirements for the quality of hydrogen peroxide in the production of caprolactam and propylene oxide. In addition, the product is also beneficial for the further production of concentrated products, food grade, electronic hydrogen peroxide and pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide. We are Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Supplier, welcome to consult.

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