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Do you know the Composition of the Distillation Column System?

Aug. 13, 2020

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Composition and layout of distillation tower system

The distillation tower system is composed of simple distillation tower, reboiler, condenser, reflux tank and other equipment. Generally, it is arranged as close as possible to form an independent operating system according to the sequence of the process and in compliance with the requirements of the specification. Similar equipment is centrally arranged. For example, the condenser is generally arranged on the third floor, and the return tank is arranged on the second floor.

Distillation Technology

Distillation Technology

On the floor, the reboiler is installed at the bottom of the distillation tower, and the pump is arranged on the first floor. This is not only neat and beautiful, but also convenient to operate. Due to the particularity of the reboiler, its related equipment and pipelines need to be carefully designed.

Distillation tower system operation

The liquid at the bottom of the tower is heated by the reboiler to partially vaporize it, and it enters the tower from the entrance of the reboiler at the bottom of the tower to make countercurrent two-phase contact with the descending liquid. The volatile (low boiling point) components in the descending liquid continue to Transfer in the vapor, the hard-to-volatile (high boiling point) components in the vapor are continuously transferred to the descending liquid, and the vapor becomes more and more connected

Near the top of the tower, the higher the concentration of volatile components, and the closer the descending liquid is to the bottom of the tower, the more concentrated the harder volatile components will be, achieving the purpose of component separation. The vapor rising from the top of the tower enters the condenser, a part of the condensed liquid is returned to the top of the tower as reflux, and the rest is sent out as distillate. Part of the liquid flowing out of the bottom of the tower is sent to the reboiler to be heated and returned to the tower, and the other part of the liquid is extracted as the bottom of the kettle.

Thermosyphon reboiler

1. Principle of thermosyphon reboiler

The thermosyphon reboiler uses the pressure head difference between the liquid level of the distillation tower and the liquid level of the reboiler as a power to drive the liquid gravity to circulate, so that the liquid at the bottom of the distillation tower flows to the reboiler. A part of the liquid is vaporized in the reboiler and returned to the tower to achieve vapor and liquid separation. In order to ensure the normal operation of the reboiler, a certain pressure difference must be ensured to overcome the pressure drop in the pipeline, the reboiler and the two-phase static pressure.

2. Installation height requirements of thermosiphon reboiler

The liquid at the bottom of the distillation column flows into the pipe, and the higher the pressure, the lower the pressure. If the pipe where the liquid rises is high, the pressure will drop to the point that bubbles (consisting of air or other gas) are generated in the pipe. The height of siphon action is determined by the formation of bubbles. Because the bubbles will break the liquid, the two bubbles

The force between the gas molecules at the side is reduced to 0, thereby destroying the siphon effect. The installation position of the thermosiphon reboiler is not as low as possible.

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