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Understanding Silver Contact Formaldehyde Plant

Mar 22, 2019

There are many types of filtration equipment, and the models used by various manufacturers are also different. However, in essence, a microporous spacer layer is used to allow liquid or gas to pass through the micropores of the compartment, and solid particles suspended in a liquid or gas are trapped on the filter medium to achieve The purpose of separation.

Formaldehyde Equipment

Air filters and mixed gas filters are commonly used in Silver Contact Formaldehyde Plant systems, and methanol and formaldehyde filters are also used to remove suspended solid particles.

The fluid must pass through the filter media at the beginning of the filtration and must overcome the resistance of the media to fluid flow. After a period of use, the sediment reaches a certain amount and the resistance increases. However, in the Formaldehyde Production Process, the impurities carried by the materials are small. Therefore, the resistance of filtration is mainly determined by the performance and characteristics of the filter layer.

Formaldehyde Equipment

Choosing the right filter media is an important part. The filter medium on the mixed gas filter used at this stage is a high-efficiency filter, which not only has low resistance, but also has good filtering effect and convenient installation, and is widely used in a Formaldehyde Equipment.

The formaldehyde mixed gas filter has a gas distribution baffle, a filter chamber, a heating chamber, a fixing plate and the like inside, and further filters fine impurities or particles which may be contained in the reaction mixture gas, thereby ensuring the purity of the gas entering the reactor, thereby Protect the silver catalyst from contamination.

Formaldehyde Equipment

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