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How To Deal With Water Stoppage During The Production Of Silver Formaldehyde

Mar 18, 2019

There are four general sources of Formaldehyde Production Process,

1. Add water to the top of the absorption tower;

2. Oxidation waste heat boiler hydration;

3. Cooling water for circulating liquid cooler;

4. The exhaust gas boiler is replenished.

Formaldehyde Production Process

In case of water stoppage, different treatment methods should be adopted according to the source of water supply. Generally, the following treatment methods are available:

1. Start the standby pump immediately;

2. Contact the water supply department;

3. Pay attention to the liquid level of the oxidizer waste heat boiler, the liquid level of the exhaust gas boiler and the temperature rise of the absorption tower. Reduce production load if necessary to maintain production;

4. The tail gas boiler can be suspended and the tail gas is temporarily drained;

5. If the water supply cannot be restored in a short period of time, and the liquid level of the oxidizer waste heat boiler falls below the lower limit, or the temperature of the absorption tower rises suddenly, it should be immediately stopped.

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