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Do you Know the Application of Distillation Tower in Petrochemical Industry?

Feb. 24, 2021


First, determine the plan. When determining the specific device process, it is necessary to pay attention to the three-stage vaporization method used in the entire process to realize the rationalization of the initial distillation tower, the atmospheric tower and the vacuum tower.

Distillation Tower

Distillation Tower

Second, determine the number of vaporization stages. Comprehensively referring to the corresponding characteristics of the crude oil of the enterprise, it is recommended to choose the initial distillation tower equipment to better adapt to the changes of various types of conditions. Among the crude oil materials, the high boiling point fractions above the 350 degrees Celsius fraction can be regarded as the main raw materials for catalytic cracking, distillate lubricating oil, and hydrocracking and other corresponding equipment. After analyzing the above reasons, it is necessary to implement effective installation of pressure reducing tower equipment.

Third, choose a heat exchange strategy. Combining the actual oil refining situation and relevant experience of the company, and combining various factors, the corresponding process content can be roughly derived. The crude oil at 40 to 50 degrees Celsius is dehydrated and desalinated, and then the heat exchange is completed in two ways; the gasoline components at the top of the overhead tower are condensed and cooled. The output will be output by the device after cooling continues. It should be noted here that whether the two-stage vaporization process should be used for atmospheric distillation should be comprehensively analyzed according to specific conditions. If the crude oil contains a lot of light fractions, the temperature of the crude oil will increase after a series of heat exchanges, and the light fractions will vaporize, which will cause the pipeline pressure to drop. As a result, the outlet pressure of the crude oil pump increases, and the pressure resistance of the heat exchanger should also increase. To

Energy saving measures

Generally speaking, an oil refinery can be described as a production entity with huge energy consumption, and the atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit is one of the most prominently used equipment. Therefore, it has become a key issue in the production design process to fully realize the optimal use of energy and minimize the energy consumption of the device. For this reason, more reasonable energy-saving measures must be adopted. First, optimize and improve the process. Atmospheric and vacuum distillation equipment is recommended to use the initial distillation tower process to achieve an effective reduction in the load of the heating furnace; in order to fully reduce the cooling load, a two-stage condensation reflux process is required at the top of the atmospheric tower; The recirculation of the press tower can optimize the heat flow and heat exchange temperature, reduce the cooling load on the top of the tower as much as possible, and improve the heat recovery rate of the equipment. Second, optimize the operation of the heating furnace equipment to maximize the use efficiency; implement the recycling of the generated low-temperature waste heat; select new heat exchange equipment to fully improve the actual heat exchange efficiency; achieve the optimization and improvement of the steam use situation as much as possible, reduce overall consumption.

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