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What are the Physical Properties of Titanium Dioxide?

Feb. 03, 2021

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1) Relative density

Among the commonly used white pigments, titanium dioxide has the smallest relative density. Among white pigments of the same quality, titanium dioxide has the largest surface area and the highest pigment volume.

2) Melting point and boiling point

Since the anatase type will transform into rutile type at high temperature, the melting point and boiling point of anatase type titanium dioxide are practically non-existent. Only rutile titanium dioxide has a melting point and boiling point. The melting point of rutile titanium dioxide is 1850°C, the melting point in air is (1830±15)°C, and the melting point in oxygen enrichment is 1879°C. The melting point is related to the purity of titanium dioxide. The boiling point of rutile titanium dioxide is (3200±300)°C. Titanium dioxide is slightly volatile at this high temperature.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide

3) Dielectric constant

Due to the high dielectric constant of titanium dioxide, it has excellent electrical properties. When determining certain physical properties of titanium dioxide, the crystal orientation of the titanium dioxide crystal should be considered. The dielectric constant of anatase titanium dioxide is relatively low, only 48.

4) Conductivity

Titanium dioxide has the properties of a semiconductor. Its electrical conductivity increases rapidly with the rise of temperature, and it is also very sensitive to hypoxia. The dielectric constant and semiconductor properties of rutile titanium dioxide are very important to the electronics industry, which can be used to produce ceramic capacitors and other electronic components.

5) Hardness

According to the scale of Mohs' hardness, rutile titanium dioxide is 6-6.5, and anatase titanium dioxide is 5.5-6.0. Therefore, anatase is used in chemical fiber matting to avoid abrasion of spinneret holes.

6) Hygroscopicity

Although titanium dioxide is hydrophilic, its hygroscopicity is not very strong, and the rutile type is smaller than the anatase type. The hygroscopicity of titanium dioxide has a certain relationship with the size of its surface area. The surface area is large and the hygroscopicity is high. It is also related to the surface treatment and properties.

7) Thermal stability

Titanium dioxide is a substance with good thermal stability.

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