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Methyl Acetate Technology Complete Sets

Jan 10, 2018

Methyl acetate is an important organic chemical raw material and can be used in the synthesis of acetic anhydride, acetamide, methyl acrylate and vinyl acetate, and methyl acetate is not an organic pollutant. It is an organic solvent with environmental protection.

Methyl Acetate Production

Methyl Acetate Technology advantages:

1. The process uses cationic resin solid acid instead of traditional sulfuric acid as a catalyst, not only can reduce side effects, but also can reduce the level of equipment corrosion. Solid acid life of up to three years, less pollution.

2. The reaction process using reactive distillation technology to speed up the reaction rate while inhibiting the progress of side reactions and improve the selectivity of the main reaction.

3. Esterification reaction heat is used as a heat source of evaporation, saving energy.

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