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Over Temperature Treatment Method for Formaldehyde Production

Jul 18, 2019

In the process of formaldehyde production, sometimes the temperature phenomenon occurs. Formaldehyde Production Plant makes the following analysis according to the practical experience in the production process:


The steam drum pressure suddenly drops, the batch steam is reduced, sometimes the water is added too fast, the steam drum is full of water, and some instruments fail. Slowly add water, increase the steam pressure, properly increase the batch steam, check whether the meter is normal;


The evaporator liquid level is too low, the evaporation amount is too small, and it is easy to cause over-temperature. The methanol feed amount should be appropriately increased to make up the normal liquid level;


If the meter fails, the air flow suddenly increases, and it is also very easy to overheat. The air volume should be reduced immediately, the instrument should be repaired, and normal production should be resumed.

Formaldehyde Production Plant


Sometimes when people do not operate properly, they should strengthen their work and do a good job in pre-natal practical training.


The reboiler process has a low equilibrium concentration and is also easy to over temperature. Sometimes the methanol content is low or the use of crude alcohol, sometimes leaking water and steam, should immediately test the methanol content, replace the use of refined alcohol, and check whether the tube leaks and steam;

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